August 4, 2012

Hold the Inspector General of Police invited KPK (Pol) Djoko Susilo


All In One Article - Police claimed to have no objection if the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) arrested the governor off the Police Academy, Inspector General (Pol) Djoko Susilo set KPK as a suspect in the alleged corruption of the project's license exam simulator (SIM). Head of Public Relations Division, Police Headquarters, Inspector General (Pol) Anang Iskandar denied obstructing the Police Commission held Djoko. "We have no problem," said Anang in Jakarta, Saturday (04/08/2012).

According to Anand, the police have agreed with the Commission to share the handling of this case. Djoko's involvement in this case to the police authority of the Commission while dealing with other suspects, including the manufacturer's commitment to the project officer, Brigadier General Didik Purnomo, as well as private parties, ie Budi Susanto and Sukoco S Bambang. Since the set Djoko as a suspect in last July 27, 2012, the Commission has not held that the two-star general.

Police earlier arrested Educate, Budi, and Sukoco. Students detained in prison Mako Brimob, Kelapa Dua, Depok, along with two other suspected members of the Police, Sr. Comr the Rusmawan Teddy, as the Treasurer and Commissioner Korlantas LGM. Budi then detained in the prison of the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters while the residents built Sukoco Kebon Waru Penitentiary, West Java.

Police detention who do this fairly quickly. Police arrested four suspects on Friday (8/3/2012) at midnight, while setting them as new suspects were announced Thursday (08/02/2012). Division Coordinator Investigas Indonesi Corruption Watch (ICW), Agus Sunaryanto suspect arrest the four suspects as part of efforts to locate the case. Students, Budi, and set Sukoco Police as the suspect had already been a suspect KPK.

In cases of alleged corruption SIM simulator, the Commission set Djoko, Educate, Budi, and Sukoco as a suspect. They are suspected of abuse of authority by the article that resulted in state losses. Presumably, due to their actions, the country experienced a loss of Rp 90 billion to $ 100 billion.
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